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We believe that using a professional graphic designer is critical if you want your movie-poster-style one-sheet to enhance your pitch and make you (and your screenplay) stand out in the crowd at, for instance, a pitchfest. But we also realize that this can be expensive for some people.

We'd like to introduce you to the idea of the "pre-made" (aka "ready-to-go") one-sheet; but first, let's talk about why you might want to use a one-sheet to enhance your film pitch in the first place.

So what exactly is a movie one-sheet?

A "one-sheet" is basically the "movie poster" for the story you're pitching. It acts as a visual aid to enhance your pitch, communicating genre and tone and capturing the "essence" of your story with a strong and hopefully unforgettable image. It's the "teaser" for your screenplay.

When they're back at the office, it'll remind the "pitchee" what it was that they loved about your movie idea and maybe help them communicate that excitement and emotion to their boss too...

And you can also display it on your iPad or tablet, so you've got a visual to hand whenever and wherever you get the opportunity to pitch your movie... at a lunch meeting, waiting in line at Starbucks, in an elevator!

It can also be used on your website and any of your social networking sites.

Of course, a one-sheet, no matter how striking and memorable, is no substitute for a great pitch (and a great screenplay); but, if polished and professional-looking, it can help make your story come alive.

But what if you can’t afford to commission a custom one-sheet from an illustrator or graphic designer?

Well, there is always DIY – but if you’re not a confident and competent artist or graphic designer you may end up with something cringe-worthy that makes people remember your pitch for all the wrong reasons!

There is a third, economical and effective option that not many people seem to be aware of: the “Ready-to-go” one-sheet (also known as “Pre-made” or “Pre-designed”).

So what exactly is a “Ready-to-go” one-sheet – and what are the benefits?

Most importantly, it’s a way to get a professionally designed, high quality one-sheet at a fraction of the cost of a custom designed one.

There’s no difference in image or design quality between the custom one-sheets designed by our colleague GX at Graphicz X Designs and the ready-to-go one-sheets: whichever you buy, it will be an exclusive, one-off design – your one-sheet, your copyright. No one else gets to use it.

Ready-to-go one-sheets are less expensive than custom one-sheets for a number of reasons: they may incorporate fewer images or be a simpler design, but the main reason is the amount of time we spend with a screenwriter on the consultation process when designing a custom one-sheet from scatch.

With ready-to-go one-sheets, once you’ve made your selection from our website, all our graphic designer has to do is add your name and your movie title (and your tag-line, if you like) and you’re “ready-to-go”!

Ready-to-go one-sheets can be effective even if they have not been designed specifically for your movie idea: if a ready-to-go one-sheet is visually arresting and suggests the genre and tone of your movie, be it romance, fantasy, thriller etc.

And for some screenwriters, and you may be one of them, it may even be preferable to choose a ready-to-go one-sheet, especially if you have only a vague idea of the sort of thing you want.

We think that selecting a pre-made one-sheet from a wide selection is often easier than having a custom one-sheet designed. Many people don’t know exactly what will suit them until they see a something and connect with it. And if you, the writer, connect with it, then your "pitchee" probably will too.

The beauty of ready-to-go one-sheets is that what you see is what you get.

But what if you see exactly the right one-sheet for your screenplay, but you feel it’s missing something essential?

No problem! For a small additional fee, the pre-made one-sheet you fell in love with can be further customized with images, logos, different fonts etc. Anything you want!

We can also create a matching "leave-behind" that showcases your story synopsis. You can even print this double-sided with your one-sheet: arresting visual on one side, killer synopsis on the other!

So, if you’re looking for a professionally crafted but economical eye-catching one-sheet to enhance your movie pitch, check out the ready-to-go one-sheets on our website - making sure your pitch is riveting and getting your screenplay read doesn't have to cost a fortune!

Each ready-to-go design is original and, once purchased, is for your exclusive use and will not be re-sold or re-used in any way.

To purchase, note the serial number beneath the image and email me at with your details.

All ready-to-go one-sheets can be customized for an additional fee (contact me for a quote).

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