Graphicz X Designs | FAQ

Any Questions?


Q:     "Ready-to-go".... what's that about?

A:     It's a way to get a high quality ebook cover at a fraction of the cost of a custom designed cover.


Q:     What, like "ready-to-wear" clothing?

A:     Not quite. If you buy an item of "ready-to-wear" clothing there's a good chance you'll bump into someone else wearing the same thing. All of our "ready-to-go" covers are unique, one-off designs for your exclusive use. Once you purchase your ready-to-go cover, it's removed from the site – no one else can buy the same cover.


Q:     Does the cost include putting my title and name on the cover?

A:     Yes.


Q:     Who owns the copyright?

A:     Once you've paid for the cover, you own the copyright.


Q:     I'm thinking of publishing my ebook as a paperback with CreateSpace. Can I use the same ebook cover for this?

A:     When you buy a ready-to-go cover from Graphicz X Designs we provide TWO files: a 72 dpi 900x600 jpeg suitable for ebooks, Amazon's Kindle page, your website or blog... in fact, any web use. We also provide at no extra charge a 300dpi 2700x1800 jpeg which is a high resolution file suitable for printing and is of a high enough quality to incorporate into a CreateSpace cover.


Q:     Incorporate?

A:     Well, CreateSpace covers need a spine and a back cover as well.


Q:     So if I want to use my ebook cover for CreateSpace,  I have to do the spine and back cover myself?

A:     You can do. Alternatively, Graphicz X can create a professional designed paperback cover featuring matching spine, back cover etc for $120 - check the examples on the Showcase page.


Q:     I really like one of your covers but want it tinted blue instead of red: can you do that?

A:     Probably; most covers can be amended for a fee: add an extra image, remove part of the image, change tints etc. Email me for a quote.


Q:     I want to buy one of your covers. Can I pay by PayPal?

A:     Yes. Once you've chosen your design, I'll add your name and the title and send you a proof. Once you're happy with the proof, you'll be emailed a PayPal invoice which can be paid by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Once payment is received, your files are emailed to you.


Q:     I don't have a PayPal account. Can I pay with a  credit card?

A:     Yes. The PayPal invoice allows you to pay with a credit card.


Q:     I don't have a credit card. Do you accept personal checks?

A:     No, we have no facility for accepting personal checks, but you can pay very easily by bank transfer.


Q:     I love your ready-to-go covers but I want something really specific...

A:     Then you need a custom designed cover.


Q:     How much for a custom design?

A:     Between $200 and $400 – cost depends on the complexity of the design and the amount of work needed to create it.


Q:     If I choose to have you design a custom cover, how will you know what I want?

A:     I send you a 9 point questionnaire which gives me most of the information I need – plus, you can always tell me if you have something particular in mind!


Q:     I want to promote my book when it comes out - can you design a bookmark featuring the cover?

A:     Absolutely. Email me for a quote.


Q:     Thanks for that. What do I do if the FAQ hasn't answered my question?

A:     Just send an email to and I'll answer whatever questions you still have.