If you're looking for a book cover designer, you've come to the right place. Here at Graphicz X Designs we specialize in creating ebook cover designs that look great on the web and on Kindles, iPads and other e-readers. We also create paperback covers for use with CreateSpace and other print-on-demand services.

Original, ready-to-go (also known as pre-made or predesigned) ebook covers for your exclusive use start at just $30.00. All designs can be customized to your liking, or we can create a custom book cover design just for you from $200.

And for Screenwriters, Film Directors and Producers, we also custom design eye-catching One Sheets, ideal as "leave-behinds" for pitch meetings and pitch fests.

Feel free to come inside and take a look around...

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I'm a graphic designer and photographer, specializing in designing book covers.

You can call me GX.


Book Covers

Book Covers

Movie Poster style One-Sheets and One Page "leave-behinds"

Movie Poster style One-Sheets and One Page "leave-behinds"

Illustrations and Art Prints

Illustrations and Art Prints
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